Friday, 25 April 2014


Photography shot by Matt Zhaoliang | Creative Direction, Photo Editing, Styling by Cassandra Giugno (me)

Oversized Sweater from Vero Moda (I'm wearing size small) | Mittens from Kombi Sports | Fleece-lined Leggings from Yi Tong | Platform Booties from Forever21 | Toque from ONLY | Aldo watch & bracelets/hair ties

Hiiii guys! This is my first post and I'm super excited about the launch of my blog! It took me over a week of coding and I'm still learning how to use Blogger (I'm a Tumblr kinda girl, so this is new for me). Will be posting a lot over the next few months :) & same goes for all my social media sites. If you're following, I'm so glad you've decided to join me on my journey! xx I hope to inspire along the way. 

I was sooo excited to do a photoshoot with my Vero Moda sweater! The tiger is the definition of bold. This entire shoot reminds me of the song "Eye of the Tiger," so old but best song ever (I'm rocking out to it right now lol). This was also my first winter/snowy photoshoot, and it may not look like it, but I was freezing!! My photographer (Matt) is aware of that. We shot these photos back in February when it was -10 to -25 degrees outside, and my hair was still drying from taking a shower (probably not a good idea? haha). My mittens saved me. They're actually made for snowboarding, so they're super comfy and warm.

It's a chilly spring in Canada right now (depending on where you're located), and this outfit is perfect for during that transition from winter to spring. It's comfy, quick, & easy. Throw on a gigantic sweater & fleece leggings & you're good to go :)

I'm off to do my singing warm-ups and prep for sleep. Can't wait to post again soon. Have a lovely weekend all!