Sunday, 9 November 2014


Photography shot by Winnie Lu | Photo Editing by Winnie and Cassandra Giugno | Styling and Modelling by Cassandra Giugno
More photos from this shoot are on my Tumblr

Red blazer from Forever 21| Wallet from Coach | Black lace top from G21 | Rings from Western University | Stud earrings from Guess

Yay November! How was everyone's Halloween last weekend? I posted a photo of me as a "fashionable vampire" (lol) on my Twitter and Tumblr.

Over the last few days I was thinking I should make this blog a bit more personal. Such as posting webcam photos after I've got my makeup done, food photography when I'm out, behind the scenes photos, events I go to with bloggers/musicians/designers etc. Would you guys like that? I think I'll start & see what you guys think :) Message me on my social media to share your thoughts!

& to let you guys know I'm also posting my blog posts on Facebook. I will make a separate Facebook page for my blog & music soon - but for now follow me to stay up to date on posts. 

So much I needed to update you guys about! lol I am starving & making dinner now. Kisses & talk soon♥♥