Sunday, 22 June 2014


 Photography by Winnie Lu | Fashion Styling and Modelling by Cassandra Giugno

Dress from Michael Tyler Collection Montreal (I'm wearing extra small) | Nude Pumps from Promise | Bracelet from Shelley | Ring from Western University | Red Lipstick from Revlon

I've graduated from University! This week I had my Convocation Ceremony so I was on the search for a dress. I came across Michael Tyler's dress... it's absolutely stunning. What caught my eye was the graphic patterns and the mesh of black and white colours. I've never worn a dress that has fit me so well! It's like a silhouette. Definitely a big fan of his (ps. I hope you love my blog post Michael!:))

I'm extremely excited and very happy for my next chapter. I've been waiting for this moment and it's finally here. The ring I'm wearing with my outfit represents the freedom & peace I have in my life. I've worked my butt off extremely extremely hard to get to where I am now and the only direction is up and forward!! :) One thing I've learned over the last few years is that life is precious, fast, & short and you must always believe in yourself, love yourself, & continuously reach for & live your dreams. I want my journey to inspire anyone with a dream. I don't think many people realize the world is literally in the palm of their hands and every human has the choice & power to take action and live however they visualize to.

Lots of love to those who support and inspire me forward. Keeping my hustle on & excited to share what's coming next ♥        

Ps. more grad photos are on my Tumblr!