Friday 29 April 2016


Denim Overalls from Forever21 | Black Tank from Deane & White | Sandals from REEF | Bronze Watch from Aldo | Bracelets from Italy (gifts)

Photography by Heng Kim | Creative Conceptualization, 
Photo Editing and Layout, Fashion Styling, Makeup+Hair by me

"Hey, I've got a new camera, let's shoot!" was the first message I received on Facebook from Heng Kim before we met up. I searched my closet and styled my denim overalls several months before I spoke to Heng, but I had no creative concept for the photoshoot yet. Heng and I decided to scout our location at a Canadian park full of beautiful forestry, hiking trails, and nature. We pitched ideas back and forth at the location and I loved the texture of the trees so I knew I wanted to shoot with the nature. We also ventured into a quiet neighbourhood to shoot on the winding roads. I have to say: this is one of my favourite shoots up to date! I loved being in front of the camera, I spent hours on editing, chose the best shots, and experimented with photo collage (photo collage is a layout editing style I haven't used for any of my photoshoots before). As a singer-songwriter, music always inspires me so I love listening to a few songs during my editing process. I kept listening to why why tell em that is human natuuuuurrrrrre lol one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite performers. Micheal Jackson's "Human Nature" inspired the title of this shoot. 

Since I love denim and it is April (almost May already!?) I have tips on how to style overalls for this spring (alternatively to how I've styled them above): 


1. Wear denim overalls with a casual tee and pair with bold flats. I like to wear a white, black, or graphic tee with my overalls on a relaxing kinda day. Or a loose fitted off-the-shoulder top (lace is my favourite material) as a flirty option! 

2. Wear with a bold coloured blouse (such as neon), killer heels, and a patterned clutch. 

3. Wear with an ultra-feminine fit blouse paired with runners or Oxfords. Add a chunky necklace or bracelet. 

4. Wear with a long-sleeved plaid shirt or fitted sweater paired with comfy sneakers and a small leather backpack. For a night look, opt for heels instead of sneakers and a statement bag instead of a leather backpack. 

I hope these tips spark new ideas because styling is endless and original! Style your overalls however you feel is most comfortable for you. :) 

- cassandra


Saturday 23 January 2016



The Happiness Planner 2016 (Dated)
 | Pink Flowers (not including flower hair clip) from Time 4 Flowers | Aldo Watch | Thrifted Oversized T-Shirt | Thrifted Over-The-Knee-High Wool Socks | Apple Laptop | Peppermint Tea from David's Tea

The Happiness Planner created by Mo Seetubtim (Founder of The Happiness Planner) | Pink Roses and Pink Flower Centerpiece designed by Rosemary (Founder of Time 4 Flowers) | Photography by Winnie Lu | Creative Conceptualization, Photo Editing, Project Management by me


Waking up to the bright and warm sunlight dancing through my windows. The smell of early morning peppermint tea and freshly picked roses. A comfy oversized t-shirt and soft cloudy blankets wrapped around every inch of my body. Thick wool socks feel cozy and warm against my softly scented skin. The sound of my laptop turning on and slow R&B music playing through my headphones. I reach for my book and open it. The brand new smell and feel of its pages against my fingertips. The presence of a new moment, new day, new week, new month, new year.
Good morning 2016

(above are lil things I wrote about that inspired me to create this photoshoot) :) 

A big thank you to the talented team I collaborated with! xx

Ps. I am wearing no make-up except for a bit of mascara. I made this decision to portray the reality of "just waking up in the morning." It is so amazing & liberating to feel comfortable & confident in your own skin! :)
- cassandra

Friday 27 November 2015


"Be Original" Tee from Forever21 (I'm wearing size small) | Yoga Pants from Forever21 | Black Flats from mel 
Photography by Neu View Photography and Heng Kim | Photo Editing by Neu View Photography |
Creative Conceptualization, Styling, Project Management by me
"Beauty is letting yourself live."
- Emma Watson

"I truly, truly believe that beauty is something that comes from within. You can only really look beautiful if you feel beautiful on the inside. It shows through your face, the way you move and the way you hold yourself."
- Emma Watson (from a September 2011 interview with Hello! magazine)

"With airbrushing and digital manipulation, fashion can project an unobtainable image that’s dangerously unhealthy. I’m excited about the aging process. I’m more interested in women who aren’t perfect. They’re more compelling."
- Emma Watson (from a March 2014 interview with The Sunday Times)

I had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with two talented photographers this spring: Heng Kim and Katie Neu from Neu View Photography. I discussed my creative concept to Katie and Heng for a few minutes the night before photoshoot day. It was our very first time meeting each other and our first time shooting together as a team. We warmed up with test shots and successfully collaborated our skills and talents together. It was outstanding how quickly and flawlessly the vision transformed into life. It was the most FREEDOM I've ever experienced during a photoshoot before! We were laughing super hard and snapping silly selfies in-between the professional shots :D. My vision behind this shoot was inspired by transformation, beauty, music, and fashion.  

Defining beauty is one of the most complicated concepts in the music, fashion, and entertainment industry. As performers we are faced with one "definition of beauty" portrayed on TV, in magazines, at record labels, on social media, on fashion websites, in newsletters, etc. What if beauty wasn't that? What if beauty was...what we each uniquely make of it? It's so important to be 110% yourself and OWN it because that is true beauty and originality. I've added Emma Watson's definitions of beauty above. Emma Watson is one of my biggest role models. Not only do I connect with her personality, but I agree with her valuable insights about the entertainment industry and her experiences.

We scouted our location at the Holi Festival. The festival is an explosion of colour. What would happen if every explosion in the world looked like this? An explosion of love. An explosion of beauty. An explosion of aliveness. We've had models struggling with defining beauty, Paris attacks, and insane things happening in the world. This is exactly what we need. A wake-up call to spark positive transformation.

Note: I am back from Italy! Follow my Instagram to see lots of photos and videos :)  

- cassandra. xx

Monday 29 June 2015


If you're a photographer or designer from Italy I'd love to work with you! I'm bringing new fashion pieces with me and I want to do photoshoots and/or videoshoots :) I'd love to meet up with any readers/supporters as well! I'll be in South & North Italy.

Photos and videos are coming to my Instagram once I'm back :)

Can't wait to share them with you!! ciaooooooo

- cassandra. xo

Friday 15 May 2015


Photograph by me

We're shooting right now at a beach house next to Point Pelee Island! Aren't the flowers beautiful? :) x

Sunday 10 May 2015


Photograph by Cassandra Giugno

I got the iPhone 6! I had a blackberry for about 6 years, so this is a new transition for me. I've downloaded all my apps and now learning how to efficiently use them in a productive manner. It will take time & practice - just like all things! I got started with Instagram today. Let's follow each other :-)

INSTAGRAM: @cassandragiugno

PS. what are your favourite iOS apps? and why? Can't wait to read your insights this week. It's almost 11pm here, good night loves. x 

Saturday 4 April 2015


Wearing floral dress from Sans Souci

Yayy for Apple webcam photos! I just got back from an Organic & Vegan Bakery. I love vegan food so much. I got amazing chocolate chip banana bread for Easter celebrations with my friends. I can't wait :-) 

Hope you're all having a lovely Easter weekend! Does anyone have any special plans? Any vegan food lovers like me? I'd love to follow your blog if you write about food/recipes. Feel free to comment & leave your link. xx

Friday 3 April 2015

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If you do subscribe to RSS or email, please let me know how it is for you (if you like it or not - I want to make sure everything is working great) :)

Happy Easter Weekend everyone! kisses

Sunday 22 February 2015


Photography by Matt Yang | Photo Editing by me | Hair Styling by Studio H

Here are close-ups of my hair style from my last style photoshoot (posted below). I was a model for a fashion show the night before my photographer and I did the shoot. I didn't wash my hair before sleeping and when I woke up in the morning my hair was still perfectly styled! The braid is a bit messy because I slept on it lol, but I looove messy braids :)) such a gorgeous style. The hair stylists did an amazing job!

I'm off to study now. Music business lectures tonight. Have a lovely evening guys. ♥♥♥  


Photography by Matt Yang | Photo Editing & Fashion Styling by me | Hair Styling by Studio H

  White portofino blouse from Love & Liberty | Fake fur vest from Forever21 (I love animals I don't wear real fur) | Leopard leggings from Forever21 | Round mirror sunglasses from Forever21 | Suede pumps from Steve Madden

My photographer and I went downtown to a graffiti alley. We found stairs at the back of one of the buildings & that's where we shot the photos. I wanted to give a grungy & wild downtown vibe. I was inspired by animal prints and fabrics such as the fur vest and leopard leggings. I was also inspired by Madonna or a 1950s actress.. the vision was "19 year old Madonna or actress chillin' backstage after a concert in downtown NY."

I styled this outfit before the snow, but it can definitely be worn during the winter. Make sure to bundle up with a scarf, coat, & boots if it's snowy where you live. If you live in Australia, you're good to go "thumbs up* lol

I'm going to post close-ups of my hair style in a minute (it was professionally styled)! I'll finish writing on my next post. 


Tuesday 30 December 2014


This is a mini recap of 2014 because I launched my blog only 8 months ago (January 1 2015 will be 8 months)! A lot of awesome stuff happened over the past several months & I am grateful for the connections I've made with talented individuals. More exciting content is upcoming :) I am humbled & very excited for 2015!

APRIL 2014: I launched my blog & I did my very first photoshoot outside in the snow. I wore an oversized Vero Moda sweater. Vero Moda tweeted at me and favourited the shoot on Twitter :)

JUNE: I received a VIP invitation as a media guest to attend Vanessa Natalia's RAGE MARKET Fashion Show with photographer Winnie Lu. I did a fall/spring photoshoot with Matt Zhaoliang at a beautiful railway here in Canada. I also graduated from University and celebrated with a dress from Michael Tyler Collection Montreal. Western University tweeted at me & favourited the shoot!

JULY: I went to Toronto & celebrated my birthday month with a photoshoot in a white lace dress from Ultra Pink. I also went to an amazing beach with my friends to celebrate Canada Day. Thank you Daniela Rossetto for the beautiful photography!


SEPTEMBER: I did a shoot wearing the Echosmith band tee featuring photography by Carlene Wiseman. Echosmith "liked" my blog post on Facebook which was awesome :):)

OCTOBER: I posted a video of me singing "How Does It Feel" by D'Angelo (Acapella Cover) and I auditioned for a singing competition which was an awesome experience!! I can't wait for more :)

Link to YOUTUBE VIDEO (for mobile users)

NOVEMBER: I did a business casual photoshoot!

DECEMBER: Last month before 2015! Ate some amazing Christmas food with friends from all over the world and did fittings for a fashion designer's custom-made gown. Photoshoot is upcoming :)