Saturday, 23 January 2016



The Happiness Planner 2016 (Dated)
 | Pink Flowers (not including flower hair clip) from Time 4 Flowers | Aldo Watch | Thrifted Oversized T-Shirt | Thrifted Over-The-Knee-High Wool Socks | Apple Laptop | Peppermint Tea from David's Tea

The Happiness Planner created by Mo Seetubtim (Founder of The Happiness Planner) | Pink Roses and Pink Flower Centerpiece designed by Rosemary (Founder of Time 4 Flowers) | Photography shot by Winnie Lu | Creative Direction, Photo Editing, Project Management, Conceptualisation, Modelling by Cassandra

Waking up to the bright and warm sunlight dancing through my windows. The smell of early morning peppermint tea and freshly picked roses. A comfy oversized t-shirt and soft cloudy blankets wrapped around every inch of my body. Thick wool socks feel cozy and warm against my softly scented skin. The sound of my laptop turning on and slow R&B music playing through my headphones. I reach for my book and open it. The brand new smell and feel of its pages against my fingertips. The presence of a new moment, new day, new week, new month, new year.
Good morning 2016

(above are lil things I wrote about that inspired me to create this photoshoot) :) 

A big thank you to the talented team I collaborated with! xx

Ps. I am wearing no make-up except for a bit of mascara. I made this decision to portray the reality of "just waking up in the morning." It is so amazing & liberating to feel comfortable & confident in your own skin! :)
- cassandra