Friday, 29 April 2016


Denim Overalls from Forever21 | Black Tank from Deane & White | Sandals from REEF | Bronze Watch from Aldo | Bracelets from Italy (gifts)

Photography shot by Heng Kim | Creative Direction, 
Photo Editing and Layout, Fashion Styling, Makeup+Hair, Modelling by Cassandra Giugno

"Hey, I've got a new camera, let's shoot!" was the first message I received on Facebook from Heng Kim before we met up. I searched my closet and styled my denim overalls several months before I spoke to Heng, but I had no creative direction or creative conceptualisation for the photoshoot yet. Heng and I decided to scout our location at a Canadian park full of beautiful forestry, hiking trails, and nature. We pitched ideas back and forth at the location and I loved the texture of the trees so I knew I wanted to shoot with the nature. We also ventured into a quiet neighbourhood to shoot on the winding roads. I have to say: this is one of my favourite shoots up to date! I loved being in front of the camera, I spent hours on editing, chose the best shots, and experimented with photo collage (photo collage is a layout editing style I haven't used for any of my photoshoots before). As a singer-songwriter, music always inspires me so I love listening to a few songs during my editing process. I kept listening to why why tell em that is human natuuuuurrrrrre lol one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite performers. Micheal Jackson's "Human Nature" inspired the title of this shoot. 

Since I love denim and it is April (almost May already!?) I have tips on how to style overalls for this spring (alternatively to how I've styled them above): 


1. Wear denim overalls with a casual tee and pair with bold flats. I like to wear a white, black, or graphic tee with my overalls on a relaxing kinda day. Or a loose fitted off-the-shoulder top (lace is my favourite material) as a flirty option! 

2. Wear with a bold coloured blouse (such as neon), killer heels, and a patterned clutch. 

3. Wear with an ultra-feminine fit blouse paired with runners or Oxfords. Add a chunky necklace or bracelet. 

4. Wear with a long-sleeved plaid shirt or fitted sweater paired with comfy sneakers and a small leather backpack. For a night look, opt for heels instead of sneakers and a statement bag instead of a leather backpack. 

I hope these tips spark new ideas because styling is endless and original! Style your overalls however you feel is most comfortable for you. :) 

- cassandra